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Travel By Car

A driver can be arranged from San Jose or Liberia - currently the rate is about $130 from Liberia and $250 from San Jose.

When traveling to Nosara we suggest renting a car. This will allow you maximum flexibility in traveling to surrounding beaches, activities and restaurants. Car rental agencies are available in Nosara.

Car rentals are best arranged via internet or phone. Search for competitive rates. Although it is not required we do recommend a 4 x 4 regardless of the time of year. Why limit the places you can go?

From San Jose (5 - 6 hours) or 4.5 - 5 hours

There are two routes to Nosara, the first will cut approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour off your drive time and takes the newly opened Sol/Hwy 27. This is a toll highway so it is advised that you have at least four 500 colone coins or their equivalent for your trip.


Option #1
Directions to the Autopista del Sol from SJO Airport:

- Once you leave the airport, follow the road straight, towards San Jose.

- If you are renting a car, ask them to direct you towards San Jose and Escazu when you leave the lot.

- Heading out, follow the signs to San Jose and Escazu.You will stay on this road for about 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.

- You will take a RIGHT at an intersection (with traffic lights)...there will be a McDonald's on the far left-hand corner (on the other side of the intersection). And, on the right side of the intersection you will see a tall blue sign that says “Universal”. This is the Autopista del Sol or Highway 27. This is a toll road and the there are a few different tolls along the way, all totaling about $3 or $4.

- Just continue straight on the Autopista del Sol without exiting and follow the signs for Caldera and Puntarenas. Once you get to Puntarenas, the Autopista del Sol will turn into Highway 1. Once you are past Puntarenas and on Highway 1, you can follow the directions below. The next sign and turn you will look for is for “Puente La Amistad de Taiwan”.

From here follow the rest of the directions below: Nicoya to Nosara.

Option #2
Directions to the Pan American Highway
Head west from the airport on the Pan American Highway towards Puntaranas. Continue past the exit for Punteranas and head toward Liberia. About 45 minutes later look for the left exit to the “Puente La Amistad de Taiwan”. About 20 minutes later you will reach the new bridge. Continue on 20 more minutes to a stop sign.

Nicoya to Nosara (for both options above)
Turn right, following the signs to Nicoya. This is the last large town before Nosara, so stock up on gas and any other necessities. Most of the streets are one way - so watch out! Drive straight through Nicoya and follow signs to Samara and Garza. Just outside of Nicoya you will come to a T in the road with a stop sign. Turn right. about 30 minutes later you will climb a hill with a gas station on your left. Just past the gas station the road continues left to Samara (paved) and right to Nosara (gravel). Take the gravel road to your right.

Take a deep breath! From here on it is gravel with bumps, hills, turns, people and animals. Be careful and slow down. You will come to a T in the road. Turn right towards Garza and Nosara. You will pass through the small fishing village of Garza with the bay off to your left. This is where many of the fishing charters are based, and where many people stop for a cerveza!

About 10 minutes later you will pass through the small town of Esperanza. In a few more minutes you will see signs for Nosara Yoga Institute on your left and you will now start to see people (tourists!) and lots of activity.

Keep driving, you are almost there - watch for people and animals on the roads - and follow the signs for LaGarta Lodge and/or Reserve Biologica. After a few twists and turns the signs will direct you to a left hand turn up the hill. Keep going just past LaGarta and you will see the signs for Bella Vista Mar.

Call us if you get lost! We guarantee - it will be worth the drive!

From Liberia Airport (2.5 hours):
Drive south to Nicoya (Route21).
After you reach Nicoya, follow everything above.


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Travel By Plane

View of Costa Rica coast from a Nature Air flight to Nosara









Daily between San Jose Intl. airport and Nosara.
Telephone: (506) 2221 94 14

Nature Air:
Daily between San Jose / Pavas Airport and Nosara
Telephone: (506) 2220 30 54


Private Charter flights to Nosara can be arranged.

We can arrange transfer from the airport to Nosara to Bella Vista Mar.


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Spending the night in San Jose?

We highly recommend a little bed and breakfast called Tierra Magica www.tierramagica-costarica.com.

Tucked away in the residential streets of old Escazu, Tierra Magica provides you a peaceful oasis before heading out.

Tell Barbara we sent you!