Green Practices

Earth friendly cleaning products are used throughout Bella Vista Mar, and we encourage reduced frequency of washing linens.

We reduce the consumption of energy in all parts of the hotel and ask you to turn off lights and fans when you are not in the room.

Glass, paper, plastic and aluminum are recycled, and we request you use a reusable plastic or stainless steel bottle for your water.  We do not supply individual bottled water – rather you can replenish your bottle from large water bottles in common areas. All water from the tap is filtered and safe to drink.

Vegetable waste from the kitchen is composted or sent to local farms for use in gardens or feeding livestock.

Buildings have been designed to take advantage of the natural cooling breezes from the ocean. At this time our rooms are not air conditioned.  Sustainable local woods have been used in the construction of this property.

Reclaimed water is used for the gardens.

We avoid the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides in the garden.

We do not use electric tools for the maintenance of the garden.

We buy fresh local produce and organic when available.

Our meals offer regional dishes and all meat and chicken is hormone free.

As availability and funding is available additional green practices will be incorporated into our day to day life on the hill.







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