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The community of Nosara realizes that we are all very fortunate – able to work in an area and industry that we love. We also understand that much of the tourist money that comes to the area never makes its way to the local population.

Bella Vista Mar is proud to support the following non-profit  groups and encourage donations  to the foundation that best represents your personal  interests.

Surfing Nosara Foundation

Coming down for a vacation? Want to help our local community? It is easy! Here's what you can do:

bullet pointOur schools lack many basic supplies, including: notebooks, white paper, construction paper, pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, glue, crayons, colored pencils, geometry sets, chalk, whiteboard markers, etc. When you see a sale, stock up!

bullet pointHelp enrich our classrooms by bringing puzzles, counting sets, blocks, simple bilingual picture books, clay/playdough, art and craft supplies, calculators....get creative! All new or gently used materials will be accepted with open arms.

bullet pointPack gently worn clothing, shoes, backpacks, etc. (men, women, and children) in the extra space in your luggage.

bullet pointBuy a Surf Pass : Collectible 2010 Surfing Nosara Surf Pass (board sticker) available now at the Surfing Nosara Office. 100% of your $10+ donation will help fund an ongoing SNF project.

Who are we? We are the Surfing Nosara Foundation. We help local public schools, one project at a time.

What do we do? We plant gardens, we build lunchrooms and living quarters for teachers, we bring trash bins to encourage cleaner school yards; we facilitate renovation projects to improve local schools. We work in conjunction with all individual local schools to assess projects, which we fund on a most-need basis.

Our dream? To build more classrooms, playgrounds, and new schools. Help make our dream a reality. To find out more about us & how you can join our efforts, visit 'Giving Back' at www.surfingnosara.com.


Refugio Animales de Nosara & SIBU Sanctuary

baby howler monkeyThe Refugio Animales de Nosara and SIBU Sanctuary share a common mission: to rescue injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals and provide them immediate medical care, rehabilitation, and eventual release into the wild.

Animals unlikely to survive in the wild receive attentive, long-term care. We are also educators and advocates who work cooperatively with other organizations to encourage respect for animals’ lives and preservation of their habitat. Our work is complementary, but different.

The Refugio provides for the immediate rescue and medical attention while the Sanctuary provides a step-down release program for re-integration into the wild, as well as a natural life long care habitat for those who are not able to be released.

However, the situation is now dire. With numbers of Howlers rapidly declining, and tourism and development seeing a rapid increase every year, serious financing is desperately needed to meet the increasing demand for the care of injured and displaced animals. Your participation in this struggle will substantially improve the success of the efforts of both non-profit organizations, the Refugio Animales de Nosara and SIBU Sanctuary.

Your contribution can help make this vision a reality. Please help change the future for these unique and breath-taking animals, prevent these horrific injuries and excruciating, painful deaths. All donations will make a substantial difference in slowing, and hopefully preventing, the torture of these special creatures. Please donate to these Non-Profit Associations, Refugio Animales de Nosara and SIBU Wildlife Sanctuary today. Donate now

Adopt a Howler Monkey: http://www.nosarawildlife.com/adopt.html

Videos that describe the plight of animals in Costa Rica: http://www.nosarawildlife.com/videos.html


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